The Millennial Trains Project

The United States of Pittsburgh is a project that was created to apply for The Millennial Trains Project.

The Millennial Trains Project is a cross country train trip in August 2013, that will start in San Francisco and end in Washington, DC.  The train will stop in 10 cities over 10 days.  The Millennial Trains project was founded by Patrick Dowd (not the Pittsburgh city councilman Patrick Down) who helped to organize a similar project, Jagriti Yatra, when he was a Fulbright scholar in India.

The inaugural journey of the Millennial Trains project will be stopping in Pittsburgh!

The route of the inaugural Millennial Trains Project trip


The Millennial Trains project has put together a beautiful video that describes the trip which is worth two minutes of your time and can be watched here.  To get a seat on the train, passengers must create a project and use the Millennial Trains Project’s custom crowd-funding platform (kind of like Kickstarter or Indiegogo), CrowdHitch to raise $5000.

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