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Day 1 - Crissy Field, UN Foundation, [free space]

After a bit of a scramble and a bit of good luck that I got the last seat on the only flight from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles (I did have to sit next to a woman with chihuahua name Lupe who escaped from his carrier midflight).
I arrived in San Francisco and the MTP folks had arranged a shuttle to take me to the hotel.
We spent Wednesday night at some hotels that were provided for the MTP trip by the company HotelsTonight.
Early Thursday morning we headed over to the Golden Gate National recreation area to start the trip at the Crissy Field Center.
This was the view from the parking lot of the Crissy Field Center when I arrived.
IMG_0010[1]This was the view from Crissy Field Center after the fog lifted.
Thursday morning speakers were:
elizabeth-goreElizabeth had lots to share about:
  • the idea of innovation in the non-profit sector
  • partnerships are key to success and it is important to have good communication in building partnership
  • engagement and authenticity – social media is making it cheaper to reach more people, authenticity is key to engagement
  • Nothing but Nets – a global, grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria, a leading cause of death among children in Africa.
  • MyWorld2015 – a global survey by the UN asking for people to vote on what issues are important for the future
kamran-global-catalyst-partnersKamran spoke about
  • his experience as an entrepreneur and business person.
  • knowing about problems before they become big problems
  • the importance of building a team and some key characteristics of teammates – honesty, persistance, team work and a sense of humor.


I also had some time to speak with Johnny Price of KivaZip is a program that is just rolling out  to provide microlending in the US.  You can learn more about microlending in Pittsburgh from KivaZip here.

Pioneers Training

Another element of the Millenial Trains trip is the leadership training.  Dr. Max Klau is the Vice President of Leadership Development at City Year, Inc., a national service program headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.  Dr. Klau has adapted the City Year leadership training for the train trip.

We then headed over to [free space] which would serve as the hub for the MTP group for the rest of the day.  I’ve got a bunch of photos to share about [free space] in another post.
I grabbed a ZipCar and headed out to visit some of the Steelers bars in the bay area.
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