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MTP Fundraising Update - 50 Donors and 16 States, 35% Funded

Fifty Pence

Fifty Pence (Photo credit: Kaptain Kobold)

Yinz are awesome.  In the past 24 hours the lovers of Pittsburgh have tripled the amount raised and 50 people have donated to the project from 15 different states.

The project has been mentioned on the Carnegie Museum of Art Facebook Page and the Built In Pittsburgh email list!

I still have more money to raise to reach $5,000 and I’m still working to get contributions from all 50 states.  I am a little worried about how to find some Pittsburgh lovers in Wyoming.

I am truly humbled by the generous support of friends and strangers!  Thanks so much for your support.

Check out some of the comments that supporters have left on the crowd funding page:


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