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Pittsburgh Stop #2 - Francesca's and South Bay Steelers in Mountain View, CA

francesca's steeler bar silicon valleyThanks to a former Pittsburgh resident, who I met many years ago when I was working on the Kerry presidential campaign, I learned about Francesca’s in Mountain View, CA.  I grabbed a ZipCar and headed south of San Francisco.

I was a few minutes late but my Pittsburgh friend Faisal had already ordered an Iron City for me.  We had a lovely chat about the difference of living in Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley.  Faisal mentioned that in Pittsburgh – he really had a chance to know his neighbors, and he has been in Mountain View for 5 years but doesn’t feel that sense of neighborhood community that Pittsburgh has.

Francesca’s isn’t owned by a Pittsburgher but this is the home of the Steeler Nation in the South Bay.  Our bartender was from New Jersey but was a serious Steelers fan.  It must have been clear that I was talking Pittsburgh – with in 30 minutes – Chris, the head of the South Bay Steeler Nation came over to talk Steelers.

Chris is from Connecticut but has been a lifelong Steelers fan.  He started gathering with a few fans, who are now friends, at a bar called the Sports Page.  The group has grown and moved to larger space at Francesca’s.

The South Bay Steelers can be found online at which leads to their meet up page.

They now have over 100 members and gather for every game at Francesca’s.  Before I left I spoke with some other Pittsburgh folks who were in the bar and Chris insisted I see their banner – the photo doesn’t due it justice – but this banner would cover the size of a small building.



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Pittsburgh Stop #1 - Giordano Brothers, San Francisco, CA

On Thursday afternoon – we had time to work on our individual projects.  I headed over to the Mission district to check out Giordano Brothers.  This place was recommended several times as THE Steelers bar in San Francisco.

From the outside – this place looks like a neighborhood bar in Anytown, USA…


Inside, its is very clear this place is all Pittsburgh…


And yes, this is a Pittsburgh style sandwich.  Duncan is the roommate of Tim Livingston, who writes for IheartPGH. He kindly agreed to join me on this mission of finding Pittsburgh people.


Our server, Ryan, was wearing a Pittsburgh t-shirt and hat and happened to be from Western, PA.  I handed him one of the IheartPGH stickers I brought along for the trip.  The stickers were printed by Pittsburgh print shop Commonwealth Press and Ryan happened to be wearing a Commonwealth Press t-shirt.  Ryan is also working on opening a sauerkraut and pickle company, Sivertsen Pickle Company. (You can buy this t-shirt from CommonWealth Press here).


The owner of Giordano Brothers, Adam DeMezza, is from Greensburg and has been in San Francisco for almost a decade.  I was assured the place is packed on game day – and yes they do serve Iron City beer.

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