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We’re on a mission to meet with the folks who call themselves Pittsburghers across the US and document their relationship to Pittsburgh. This project is the from the minds of the blog IheartPGH.

I thought Pittsburgh was located in Pennsylvania. Why is this site the United States of Pittsburgh?

The term “Pittsburgh Diaspora” describes the exodus of Pittsburghers from the city in the 1980s due to a decline in industry.
From the 2008 USA Today article“After 250 years, Pittsburgh remains an anomaly”:

And then there are the tens of thousands who make up the “Pittsburgh diaspora,” created by the exodus that drained the city of its population when steel collapsed in the 1980s and jobs were scarce. Since 1990, the city’s population has dropped from nearly 380,000 to just over 311,000 in 2007.

Now, in 2013, there are people with strong ties to the steel city but now live across across the country. We want to know where did all of the Pittsburgh folk go and what is their relationship to Pittsburgh today.

So what is ‘The United States of Pittsburgh’ all about?

We’re glad you asked. The United States of Pittsburgh is looking to connect the people and places that love the Steel City that are located all over the county.

This project (and website) is going to explore the idea that there is “just something about Pittsburghers” and see how that looks across the country.

A Pittsburgh Directory – Steelers Bars and Story Telling
There are plenty of lists of Steelers bars. We’re going to start with the Steelers bars and build a bigger list of Pittsburgh businesses and places across the US. We want to share the stories of Pittsburgh folks – where they are today and what they are doing now (and make sure they are still Steelers fans too).

Why did you start this project?

We’ve been thinking about building a big directory of Pittsburgh places for awhile. We are launching The United States of Pittsburgh as a project for the Millennial Trains Project.

What is the Millennial Trains Project?

The Millennial Trains Project is a 10 day train trip across the US that will take place in August 2013. To get on the train you have to create a project and raise $5000. Read more about the Millennial Trains Project here.


I love Pittsburgh – how can I help?

Submit a Pittsburgh Place – Do you have a favorite Steelers Bar? Know of a business owned by a Pittsburgher? Please share. Submit Pittsburgh places here.

Follow along with the Millennial Trains Project by keeping up-to-date with the blog.

All 50 States?

Yes! We believe there are some serious Pittsburgh lovers in all 50 states. We need your help to find them. Check out our state tracking list here.

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